Your dog isn't a mess, it just needs a little cleaning:

From basic obedience to advanced obedience along with Service and ESA training, weight pull competition training, conformation show training, boarding, deaf animal training, and behavioral modification. All training includes hand signals, vocal cues, sequencing, along with silent signals through leash communication within the advanced curriculum.

Training in German available upon request*

Entrenamiento de perros en español, no fluido pero muy bilingüe. Tener cachorros entrenados a adultos en español.*

Joseph Honeycutt

CGC Evaluator for The American Kennel Club

Retired BBCR Conformation Judge
Professional Conformation Show Handler

Canine Nutrition and Health Expert

Bama Bully Rescue Partner

Alabama Pug and Rescue Adoption, Inc. Partner

Over 12 Years experience and counting

Specializing in high energy breeds including but not limited to Working, Sporting, and Herding Animals

Canine Custodial Engineers, Inc.

Serving the Greater Birmingham Area